Acute Chest Pain of Coronary Origin in Patients without Diabetes: How Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT) Angiography Helps in Diagnosis
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Publication date: 2018-02-02
Pol J Radiol, 2017; 82: 625-633
Background: To assess the diagnostic value of MDCT coronary angiography for evaluation of acute chest pain of coronary origin in non-diabetic patients.
Material/Methods: In 22 patients without DM, we assessed coronary arteries with multidetector CT angiography and invasive conventional angiography.
Results: CT coronary angiography revealed positive coronary artery disease findings in 16 patients; LAD was affected in 16 (72.3%), RCA in 14 (63.3%), and LCX in 8 (36.4%) cases. The proximal part of LAD was the most commonly affected coronary artery (14 cases, 63.3%) in the studied patients who underwent MSCT coronary angiography. As regards the calcium score, 4 patients (18%) had low calcium scores, 6 cases (27%) had moderate calcium scores, and 12 cases (55%) had high calcium scores. There were 6 patients with positive findings of coronary artery disease detected on MDCT coronary angiography that were not mirrored by conventional angiography.
Conclusions: MDCT angiography of the coronaries is a good and rapid method for evaluation of the coronary anatomy and for early detection and grading of coronary lesions in non-diabetic patients.
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