Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome – a rare genitourinary anomaly in females: a series of four cases
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Publication date: 2018-06-20
Pol J Radiol, 2018; 83: 306-310
We present case series of four patients with an important syndrome known as Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome. Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome is a rare congenital anomaly characterised by uterus didelphys with blind hemivagina and ipsilateral renal agenesis. It usually presents after menarche with progressive pelvic pain during menses secondary to haematocolpos. Awareness is necessary to diagnose and treat this disorder properly before complications occur. Magnetic resonance imaging is the preferred modality for the delineation of uterine malformation. When renal anomalies are encountered, a screening should also be made for congenital abnormalities of the reproductive tract and vice versa.
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